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Let us introduce ourselves

E3 Training is our exclusive personal, small group, and STUDIO training offered only by VENT Fitness.  Driven by results and coached by experts,
E3 Training can help you achieve your goals, regardless of
your age, experience, and fitness level. 

We specialize in


 (And great news, your first session is free.*)


E3 Training. Be Exceptional. Be Empowered. Be Extraordinary. 


Your FREE introductory E3 training session offers a great way for you to understand where you are and where you want to go with your fitness. Gain knowledge of the fitness floor, and learn tips to build a safe and effective introductory program. Already building your ideal fitness? Let our professionals guide you to your results even faster. And because no two bodies are the same, each program is customized and tailored to your individual needs.


Validate your start by filling out an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire followed by your body composition measurement.

Come dressed to work out because you will undergo a series of exercises to help uncover your strengths and weaknesses while assessing your mobility and posture.

Your E3 trainer will build a personal roadmap to maximize your time in the gym by evaluating your history, goals, and your performance.

*First (1) hour E3 Experience session is free for members Level II and above. 

E3 STUDIO 18:1

E3  STUDIO classes offer a focused, intense group training experience designed to shatter your expectations and redefine your confidence. Harnessing the science of high-intensity intervals, rapid-fire strength training, and the total-body benefits of MMA-inspired training, the STUDIO workout moves to its own undeniably inspiring playlist, guaranteed to push you through every boundary.


E3 Personal Training is built around you. Each session is completely customizable and tailored to your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Sessions are available as half or full hour. It’s your workout, your way.

E3 TEAM 5:1

E3 Team Training proves that sometimes, workouts are better with a partner…or 4! Team training was built to provide an option for those who need a group to help motivate them, while exercising group accountability. Team training focuses on areas like core, power, and strength, and offer progressions and regressions specifically tailored to each member of the team.


Working with a personal trainer isn’t just for the fitness newbies or the professional athletes — it’s for anyone who could benefit from a safer, more efficient, and more effective workout. Unlike other basic day-to-day activities, exercise requires a honed technique to avoid injury and achieve desired results. Our certified personal trainers help you develop a workout routine, advise you on healthier meal choices, and work with you to restore mind, body and spirit. If you’re new to the idea of personal training, here are some benefits to working with a certified personal trainer:

  • Achieve more noticeable results, sooner
  • Proper Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
  • Reduced Chance of Injury
  • Establish a Lifetime Exercise Habit
  • Overcome Plateaus
  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Exercise execution
  • Actively practice accountability