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Let us unlock your fitness potential

E3 Personal training

E3 Personal Training is our approach to your fitness success, using personal, one-on-one training. You will be partnered with one of our certified E3 personal trainers who will focus on achieving your goals.

E3 Personal Training is customizable, flexible, and can
help you reach your results safely and more efficiently.


Personal training is for everyone.
Whether you are brand new to fitness, or an athlete looking for an edge,
E3 PT can put you on track and help keep you there. 


Your E3 Personal Trainer is dedicated to your success. Think of them as a fitness accountability buddy, with benefits — they’ll design a program with you based on your personality, your schedule, and your expectations.

Take the guesswork out of your efforts.

*First (1) hour E3 Experience session is free for members Level II and above. 


Your first step. This hour-long session sets your baseline. Through series of guided benchmark moves, and with a little bit of background information, you’ll be well on your way toward your customized Plan.

Your first step starts  now.

your Plan

Results are not accidental. But they aren’t magic either — they occur with the culmination of work, nutrition, and sustainability. Your customized Plan, created using proven methods backed by science, will take into account your expectations, your availability, and habits. 

Your success is in expert hands. 

Expect great things

Your E3 Personal Trainer will not make things easy for you. But they will inspire you, motivate you, and help educate you, to achieve your results, and establish an attainable, sustainable, fitness lifestyle.

Your results are coming.


Working with a personal trainer isn’t just for the fitness newbies or the professional athletes — it’s for anyone who could benefit from a safer, more efficient, and more effective workout. Unlike other basic day-to-day activities, exercise requires a honed technique to avoid injury and achieve desired results. Our certified personal trainers help you develop a workout routine, advise you on healthier meal choices, and work with you to restore mind, body and spirit. If you’re new to the idea of personal training, here are some benefits to working with a certified personal trainer:

  • Achieve more noticeable results, sooner
  • Proper Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
  • Reduced Chance of Injury
  • Establish a Lifetime Exercise Habit
  • Overcome Plateaus
  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Exercise execution
  • Actively practice accountability